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    Nasty Boys vs Cactus Jack/Kevin Sullivan-WCW Tag Team Titles Part 2


    by TSteck160

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    steven price
    still holds up to this day
    By steven price3 years ago
    We should all be grateful that the Nasty Boys injured Dave "Evad" Sullivan before this, since that injury made it possible for Cactus Jack to win his only championship in WCW. It was also probably the last time Kevin Sullivan was ever cheered.

    "BANG BANG!"
    By BelaBlasko6 years ago
    I disagree, as Maxx and Evad only got involved after the match was over.
    By BelaBlasko6 years ago
    That had to be the fastest count I have ever seen lol
    By Narc1237 years ago
    The match was almost as entertaining as the month before with the crowd egging em on to top the carnage from Chicago. However, they don't and the bookers really disappoint for this was to be Cactus's crowning moment - instead the face heat is placed on the god-awful Evad and Maxx. The heels should be soundly defeated by the faces - Booking 101 in their crowning moment, the faces never should require additional help to defeat heels. Hello, Summerslam '90 - Harts vs. Demolition.
    By jboyaquar7 years ago