Ukrainian rebels agree to Poroshenko ceasefire

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The separatist leaders of two regions in eastern Ukraine say they will now respect a Kyiv ceasefire called last Friday by President Poroshenko until June 27th.

They also indicated that they were willing to consider Poroshenko’s peace plan, which includes a buffer zone, decentralisation, and early elections.

“We hope that, during the time of bilateral ceasefire, we can agree to at least start consultations on the peaceful resolution of the conflict,” said pro-Russian rebel leader Alexander Borodai.

Present for the announcement was former president Leonid Kuchma, who opposes any breakup of his country.

“We resolved one of the most important issues, and that is to stop the military actions from both sides,” he said.

Outside however a crowd was protesting against Kuchma and appeared in no mood to compromise. They angrily surrounded his car and it was several minutes before he was able to leave.