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    WEB NEWS - USA: Felon's mugshot goes viral

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    In this edition: a US felon's mugshot goes viral; the Redskins trademark is cancelled by the US patent office; and the somewhat unusual sporting activity known as skijouring.

    When the Stockton Police Department in California posted Jeremy Meeks`mugshot to its Facebook page last Thursday, after arresting him on felony weapons charges during a crime sweep earlier on that week, they probably weren`t expecting the picture to go viral … but that`s what`s happened, with thousands of web users admiring his handsome looks.
    The unexpected and very sudden rise to Internet stardom has seen the thirty year old`s mugshot draw over 95,000 Facebook likes, and some 12,000 shares in just a few days… the arrest photo is drawing a lot of complimentary comments, from women in particular, praising Jeremy Meeks` high cheek bones, chiselled face and striking blue eyes…
    Some say Jeremy Meeks has a future in the fashion world when he gets out of prison. There are a number of photo montages now doing the rounds online depicting the felon in advertising shots for well-known designers. And it seems to suit him, suggesting he could one day make a career for himself in modelling…
    And Meeks` mum is making the most of his newfound popularity … she has started an appeal on crowd-funding site “Go Fund Me” to raise money to cover his legal fees. She is hoping to raise 25,000 dollars … 3,500 dollars has been pledged already, in just 3 days …
    In a landmark decision announced last week, the US Patent and Trademark Office has cancelled the trademark registration of the Washington Redskins trademarks... Go on reading on our web site.
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