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    Charlie Sheen on CNN 9/11


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    Rock 'Em Charlie....

    Despite this comment having been censored from youtube........Get us ONE PROPERLY WORKING GRAND JURY TRIAL (the fundamental unit of representative government that we pay taxes to fund; making bills/debts for all wrongdoing proven "Upon a Preponderance" and Warrants for those proven "Beyond Doubt") and we'll ELIMINATE THE DEFICIT AND THE MURDEROUS-BENEFIT-CUTS THAT GO WITH IT and have all the criminals from 9/11 in a cage by Friday.......and add the US Recovery (US Recovery at Myspace--Dr. Williams-Durand) and you'll be entered to "Win" a $1,000,000+ Franchise/Charter that the deficit cannot be eliminated without---GUARANTEED.......(from the Equal Rights and Balanced Budget Amendment materials).....
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