Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Unreleased - Sorrowful Memories of the Barians

Yugirl [LOVE] (Ana)
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❤ Sad Unreleased track from the unreleased zexal Sound Duel 5.Sorrowful Memories of the Barians remembering deaths and sad pasts of the barians Before the questions,speculations and stuff like that, this is a music "rip" fan project thanks to Kouji! Follow me on Twitter @AnaYugirl


The feelings this track invokes are something from another world all together. Durbe's sacrifice, Mizael's flash-back with number 46, and Alito's resolve to stand against Don Thousand; they are all so vivid and seem to come to life whenever I hear these notes: da da da da da da dah. Thank you so much for posting these and hear's hoping Zexal Sound duel 5 has all this and more.
By Kyle Nelson October
You and Kouji are totally awesome for doing this. it sounds magnificent. I can't wait till you get to the OST for the end of episode 135, where Kaito dies. That theme is something I must have.
By Killerbarr July
Could you do the soundtrack request, its when Nasch duels Vector, and he summons c101(episode 136) :D
By Kaijudeathtrap July
excellent effort and soundtrack, I would be very happy if you could do a soundtrack request from yugioh zexal. The soundtrack that plays when shark duels vector and he draws rank up magic the seventh one and he summons c101 and attacks.(episode 136) :D
By Kaijudeathtrap July
amazing as always excellent work i love it
By ZexalLove June
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