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    Laissez-Faire Social Club

    by Laissez-Faire Social Club

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    At one point in the remarkable new documentary Control Room, one of the women working in production at Al Jazeera (one of the many suprisingly westernized production folks who run the most popular satellite news channel in the Arab World) speaks directly to the point of the "objectivity" of the media.

    "Are any U.S. journalists objective about this war? ... This word 'objectivity' is almost a mirage."

    And so the "mirage" is here seen from a point of view as yet unseen by most Americans in this eye-opening look at the fall of Baghdad as projected through the prism of an Egyptian-American documentarian with insider access to much of the goings on at Al-Jazeera during that period.

    The revelations are, to say the very least, quite surprising. The tortured consciences and difficult dilemmas of the gate-keepers in charge of presenting daily events of America's "War on Terror" to the Arab world are shown - at least in this film - to be a great deal more thoughtful than the "vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable... mouthpiece of Osama bin Laden" that Donald Rumsfeld and other US officials have painted them to be.

    I'll admit that, prior to this film, I too was convinced that Al Jazeera was essentially an anti-US propaganda machine for the Arab world. I had heard nothing to the contrary via any of the media in this country, mainstream or otherwise, "liberal" or otherwise. The "fact" that Al Jazeera was an anti-American agenda-driven organization was simply a given. I had no reason to believe otherwise.

    And that's coming from me, an anti-Iraq War, anti-Bush Administration, "liberal" (in the eyes of most folks).

    Imagine what the bulk of America must think of Al Jazeera!