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    Arjun Kapoor Got Late Due To Salman Khan

    Moviez Adda

    by Moviez Adda

    Success has a side Arjun Kapoor is discovering. And it's being said that he has been acting uppity, even with his mentor Salman Khan. What happened?
    Well, from what we hear, the incident is said to have happened when Arjun was shooting for a commercial and Sallu Miyaan for Kick in Mehboob Studios.
    When he reached and heard that Salman is next door shooting for Kick, he immediately went to meet him. Salman asked him to come back after pack up and have dinner with him. He must be feeling proud isn't it?
    So after Arjun packed up, he indeed had a memorable dinner with Salman. But the fact is, Arjun got late reaching for a store launch at the same night. Ouch now that hurts! At least for the sponsors, as he couldn't tell the launch people that he is coming a bit late!
    It definitely seems Arjun might have to learn basic ethics of professionalism. What do you think? Will Arjun learn some punctuality, or will he show starry tantrums? Let us know!