'ISIL still operating in Lebanon'

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by PressTV

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The Al-Qaeda-linked militant group, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, continues its attack in Iraq. However, some analysts say their recent aborted plots to attacks hospitals in the Lebanese capital Beirut show that the Takfiri terrorist group is still running its activities here in the country.Security has been tightened in Hezbollah stronghold in the Dahiyeh suburbs after sources released information about ISIL's renewed threats.
Recently Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah has said ""If we had not intervened in Syria at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way... ISIL would have been in Beirut now." Even though Lebanon has been through an uneasy calm for months now, ISIL and other Al-Qaeda affiliates are still trying to achieve their goals in Lebanon. Many here say Hezbollah's involvement in Syria is believed to have saved Lebanon from experiencing what's currently taking place in Iraq. Analysts argue that as long as the region is grappling with strife and violence, Lebanon will continue to face Takfiri threat. The role of some Persian Gulf and regional countries when it comes to supporting these al-Qaeda affiliates has left many wondering about the hidden agenda that's planned for the region.