Chinese Billionaire Offers To Help America’s Poor

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Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao has invited 1,000 poor Americans to a luncheon at New York City’s Central Park Loeb Boathouse.

Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao has invited 1000 poor Americans to a luncheon at The Loeb Boathouse in New York City’s Central Park.

In addition to lunch, each attendee will receive 300 dollars to use for ‘occupational training’.

A bilingual call for guests was published as a full-page ad in the New York Times, and a smaller version in the Wall Street Journal.

It was requested that those wishing to attend respond to the email provided.

Chen estimates that the luncheon will cost him about a million dollars.

He’s mentioned several reasons why he’s decided to host the event.

A couple include to strengthen relations between China and the US and to show Americans that there are generous Chinese tycoons.

Another is to show other super-rich people that leading a cash-filled life is about more than ‘luxury goods, gambling, and prostitution’.

Chen, who made his fortune in recycling, has on several occasions expressed his distaste for many of his country’s wealthiest citizens. He’s called many out for both colluding with the government and building their wealth by destroying the environment.

Not surprisingly, he has a large number of critics, one of whom called him a “…clown whose so-called philanthropy appears to consist entirely of self-promotional stunts…”