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    10 Of Your Body Parts You Can Live Without

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Here are 10 body parts a person can surprisingly live without.

    The inner workings of the human body are certainly complex, but among the greatest mysteries is why they’re equipped with so much useless stuff.

    Here are 10 body parts a person can easily live without.

    Number 10. The third eyelid. That little piece of membrane in the corner of the eye is a leftover from when people blinked more like reptiles and fish.

    Number 9. Male Nipples. They happen because all people start off as female fetuses. The development of the Y chromosome doesn’t make the nipples disappear, it just renders them useless.

    Number 8. Stomach. Some conditions, like stomach cancer, are treated by the complete removal of the organ. Those who undergo the surgery have their esophagus connected to their small intestine. It takes a little recovery time, but eventually they can eat the regular way.

    Number 7. Wisdom teeth. While we all know these are no longer necessary for survival, it seems our bodies are finally figuring that out. Long ago, they were needed for the extra chewing power as early humans ate a lot of plants. Now, as our diets have changed and our jaws have gotten smaller, people are increasingly less likely to ever develop them.

    Number 6. Tailbone. Those fused vertebrae at the end of the spine are remnants of what was once a tail. In general, tails assist animals with balance and as communication aids. When man became walking upright, the need for them waned. It’s not recommended, but it can be surgically removed if need be.

    Number 5. Spleen. If you’re wondering, it’s the thing behind the stomach in the left upper part of the abdomen. It does all sorts of wonderful things like filtering the blood and fighting parasites, but it’s not essential equipment. People who have to do without one may be more prone to infection, but can get along just fine.

    Number 4. Nose. In rare cases, individuals have been born with out them, yet grow and function. Among the greatest challenges many face are dealing with the cruel comments and rude stares they get from other people.

    Number 3. A lung. Should a person have to have part or all of one of their lungs removed surgically, they can live a normal life. In some cases they can even live an extraordinary one. Pope Francis had part of a lung removed when he was a teen.

    Number 2. Colon. It’s not unheard of for the organ to be removed. People losing theirs have a couple of options. They can wear an exterior bag that collects stool, or they can have a pouch made in the small intestine so it doubles as a colon.

    Number 1. Half a brain. In one recent case, a child had a hemisphere of his brain removed as a measure to stop seizures. Not only did the procedure work for its intended purpose, the remaining hemisphere picked up the slack for the missing one.

    Which other organs do you think people could go without?