Iran, P5+1 continue talks over Tehran's nuclear program


by PressTV

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Delegations from Iran and the Five permanent members of the U-N Security Council plus Germany sit down for another round of negotiations in Vienna. The talks are aimed at drafting a comprehensive agreement to resolve all issues regarding Iran's nuclear activities and lifting of sanctions that the Western countries have imposed on Iran. The deadline for reaching that agreement is July 20th and both sides are trying to clinch a deal before that time. However the deadline can be extended for another six months. Spokesman for EU's Foreign Policy Chief Michael Mann has described this round of talks as intensive.
Previous talks in Vienna about 2 months ago ended with no concrete results. Iranian officials say the other side started to make demands that were Iran's red lines, including about limiting Iran's uranium enrichment activities. Iran wants to have enough centrifuges to produce enriched uranium to be used for peaceful purposes including generating electricity. However, the Western side seems to want to turn Iran's nuclear program into something symbolic by insisting that Iran only maintains a few hundred centrifuges.