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George Farmer
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Alright... i've got writers block on the next episode, up to my ears in work and such this week, my school hasn't sent me my rejection letter yet! (I mean really... what is up with this? I go apply for jobs and noone bothers to call me to tell me I'm not hired, and schools don't bother sending rejection letters...)

But anyways-- I also forgot to buy my Mom a Mother's day gift-- So I made her a short dub of her favorite show "Charmed". Happy Mothers Day! And sorry I didn't get you any earrings o_o

And very sorry to you fan guys, this is probably my worst work yet. Poured my heart into it-- but it spilled out and stained the carpet x.x

Enjoy anyway-- its cute. If only because I said its cute and you should watch it.


me ps make audio louder and its not like were payin u to make this so take ur time
By dattayo 7 years ago
Actually if you look at the Charmed Theme sequence its a pretty good rendition in my book. You know how most of those show themes play out right?

*Exciting music* *Montage of cool scenes* *Character with actor's name* *more cool scenes* *Another character* *Explosion or something* *Another Character* and so on and so forth-- I think Televison shows have been doing that since the 80's with stuff like MacGuyver.

...Speaking of MacGuyver... I almost did the "Stargate SG-1" theme... Anyone still want to see that?
By George Farmer 7 years ago
Always good to give credit where it's due, I respect that. It's short and plot-less, but the editing style good, one of your better jobs in that area actually. =)
By Drexxis 7 years ago
Dailymotion says to respect Copyright... so here is my homage to the Actors and Producers of the show :)

And to Momma.
By George Farmer 7 years ago