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    Stalker: Premiere Trailer

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    Janis Pederson
    That's bloody hilarious! Ri*Run*Slut*Butt*Bot*anna the Barbados Barfly sodomy no lubricant required lover of Eminem filed a restraining order against a "stalker?" She's a stalker and cyberstalker and Cyberbully herself! Not to mention a person who will put death threats on Eminem's love interests! On August 3 rd 2015 she stalked me on Smokey Point Blvd.! She has put several death threats upon my person since July 2015 out of a jealous rage for her lover and "Man" Eminem! This is truly ironic! May the ghetto rats work out their little spat! A Barbados Barfly + A DETROIT gnat = a match made in Hell: mmmmmmm....violence! Their kids will love it!
    By Janis PedersonNovember