Americans oppose new sanctions against Russia


by PressTV

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Dozens of people were killed Sunday morning when pro-Russian gunmen opposed to the Kiev government, shot down an airplane filled with military personnel. Greg Butterfield, a political analyst with the International Action Center, says people in East Ukraine see this not as terrorism, but as an act of self-defense.
Butterfield points out that little evidence has been supplied that Russia had anything to do with the incident, and that many on the plane were violent extremists. Polls taken in the United States show that the public is overwhelmingly opposed to an escalating confrontation with Russia. Despite the unpopularity of such action, US leaders are pushing for new sanctions against Russia, in response to the downing of the aircraft. Bill Dores of the International League of People's Struggles, says the US often imposes unilateral sanctions, in violation of international law. Various world leaders warn that sanctions against Russia could have disastrous economic consequences, and will hurt the credibility of the United States in international relations. The Russian Federation is currently pushing for a UN Security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire in East Ukraine.