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    Mobb Deep - Hell On Earth (Front Lines)


    par PeteRock

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    Yo, the saga begins, beget war
    I draw first blood be the first to set it off
    My cause, tap all jaws lay down laws
    We takin what's yours we do jerks rush the doors
    Here come the deez tryin to make breeze and guns toss
    In full force, my team'll go at your main source
    We're not tourists, hit bosses and take hostage
    Your whole setup, from the ground up we lock shit
    Par PeteRockIl y a 7 ans
    Blood flood your eye, fuck up your optics
    Switch to killer instincts for niggaz pop shit
    Yo nigga Noyd what's the topic? Nine pound we rocked in
    Ninety-six strike back with more hot shit
    Illuminate my team'll glow like, radiation
    With no time for patient, or complication
    Let's get it done right, my click airtight
    Trapped in a never ending gunfight so niggaz lose stripes
    or lose life, jail niggaz sendin kites to the street
    Over some beef that wasn't fully cooked, finish em off
    Well done meat, that said twenty-two slug to your head
    Travel all the way down to your leg
    Par PeteRockIl y a 7 ans
    rien a redire
    Par 76salmanIl y a 8 ans
    le meilleur clip de P and havoc!pur son qui vient des meilleures années!!
    Par motitorIl y a 8 ans