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    World Cup Brazil 2014: FIFA sucks serious soccer balls

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    It's been four years, but unfortunately Sepp Blatter and his FIFA goons are back like cancer. This time FIFA's unlucky victim, aka host country, is Brazil, which has shelled out more than US$11 billion to host the 2014 World Cup.

    Brazil also allowed FIFA to forgo paying US$250 million in taxes, but that wasn't enough. In 2003, Brazil outlawed alcohol sales in stadium, due to the fact that it was leading to too many fan deaths during games. But because Budweiser is a huge FIFA sponsor, Brazil actually introduced and passed the Budweiser Bill to allow alcohol sales in stadiums during the World Cup.

    The US$290 million arena in Manaus is in such a remote area, construction materials were sent up the Amazon River and will showcase an enormous white elephant with a patchy, sandy pitch that is only hosting four matches anyway.

    No wonder Brazilians have been protesting for months. FIFA makes all the money and Brazil is left holding the tab for the most expensive Brazilian Wax in history.


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