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    SRK, Salman Khan And Priyanka Chopra Avoid Each Other At Mehboob Studios!

    Bollywood Live

    by Bollywood Live

    Bollywood is known for its clashes as much as its solidarity! Stars who are best friends today may turn extreme, foes overnight. And well, such was the scene when B-Town biggies Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra bumped into the same studio for their respective shoots! Yes! It all started with Salman shooting for his Kick song at Mehboob studios, and inadvertently, Priyanka turned up to the same place for her UNICEF event that was scheduled next door! And if you thought that was it to spurt some drama, then well, picture toh abhi baaki hai mere dost....Salman's rival SRK further added up to this face off by joining in at Mehboob, for his Happy New Year shoot! Oh my...what a clash! Sources reveal that the three had taken a break around same time, but yet, didn't choose to wave a Hi, or even look at each other! Whoa...we can imagine the cold vibes steaming on to you folks, sound off in comments and stay tuned!