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    Conflicting reports on situation in Iraq's northwestern city of Tal Afar


    by PressTV

    There are conflicting reports on the situation in Iraq's northwestern city of Tal Afar. This, as a string of deadly explosions has rocked the capital Baghdad.

    Reports say militants from the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have overrun the city in Nineveh province. Earlier, it was reported that Iraqi troops and local tribesmen foiled an attack by the ISIL militants on the strategic town. Iraqi troops also managed to capture two towns from the militants, north of Baghdad. Local media report show that a senior Algerian militant commander was killed in an attack by military helicopters in the western city of Fallujah. Meanwhile, over a dozen people were killed as several explosions hit Baghdad. Also on Sunday, the US said it was relocating its Baghdad embassy staff to its consulates in Basra and Irbil.