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    In this edition: German sausages in Europe, Sebastian Linda's prizewinning film about skateboarders, we meet some of the world's best baristas in Rimini, Italy, photographer Andrew Whyte's pictures of a Lego figurine at famous landmarks all over Britain, and we visit Monaco.

    Touring along Monaco’s Formula 1 Track

    The Monaco Grand Prix is a legendary race which all race car drivers dream of winning. We look at the sights along the course of the Formula 1 track there. We go to Sainte Dévote Chapel where the course begins winding its way up to the casino, Monaco's most famous landmark. Not to be overlooked is the Hotel de Paris where the jet set often stays.

    Adventures in Legography

    Euromaxx takes a look at the world from the point of view of a Lego figurine! Every day for a full year photographer Andrew Whyte snapped a picture of his intrepid hero sightseeing around Britain.

    The Coffee Craze Comes to Rimini
    Rimini hosted the 15th World Barista Championship at the World of Coffee from June 9 – 12, 2014, to crown the world’s most outstanding barista. Euromaxx was there to rub shoulders with the world’s cream of the crop from over 50 different countries.

    The Revenge of the Beasts

    Sebastian Linda from Dresden recently scooped one of Germany's Web video prizes in the category 'Action’. "The Revenge of the Beasts" stars skateboarders showing what they can do against scenic backdrops - and from some intriguing camera angles.

    German Sausages in Europe

    Currywurst is a very popular German fast food sausage meal that is a big hit internationally. Now there's demand for it and other types of sausages outside of Germany. So we travel to Poland, Britain and Portugal to see how German sausages sizzle.