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    Best Horror Movie Scenes - The Friday 13th - Back to Back Horror Scenes

    Telugu Filmnagar

    by Telugu Filmnagar

    Watch the best horror movie scenes from movies like Deyyam, Rathri, Marrichettu, Usuru.

    Friday 13th is regarded as the most horrific day in western cultures.

    Bad luck, unfortunate occurrences and unfavorable outcomes, are the affects of this day? Is it just another superstition or is there any truth behind this day?

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    Here are few myths behind this day,

    → Hotels, skyscrapers and even hospitals have been known to skip out on creating a 13th floor due to its numeral connection to the unlucky day.

    → 72 percent of United Kingdom residents claimed to having had experiences with bad luck on Friday the 13th.

    → US President Franklin D. Roosevelt had a strong fear of the number 13.

    → 13th guest who attended the Last Supper was thought to be the same person who betrayed Jesus prior to his death.