Sonic Hearts - Day 1


by Heather

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Is it just me, or do the KH voices fit a little better to them then the 4kids ones O.o? (O just for Sonic, Shadow, and Amy. lol.)
Sonic Hearts(A Kingdom Hearts/Sonic video), day 1. And let me tell you this was not easy to finish since I don't have a lot of scene to work with XP But it was fun ^^ I had to resort to a few pictures but I'm sure you guys will laugh(Specially near the end). lol.
Sorry that the intro kind of sucks. I tryed to make it look like the KH intro where it goes from Riku, then Kairi(Shadow then Amy) but I mostly showed fighting. Why? 'cuz it looks cool! XD

Okay, umm.. I need to point out something. Sorry if the lip sync isn't exact, but I tryed. Right now I'm hating that Riku talked so much. Shadow almost NEVER talks, specailly in an alone shot of a clip, so it was hard to find good clips. Just ignor the extra people in the clips that shouldn't be there with what they are saying. And I hope that the picture of Cheese holding a letter is okay 'cause I had no other ideas XD lol. And sorry for repeated a clip or two, but I've noticed while making this that they have long pauses in between their sentances ._.;
And its hard to find a clip of Knuckles walking and not talking to anyone.. XP lol.

Sonic - Sora
Amy - Kairi
Shadow - Riku
Knuckles - Donald
Tails - Goofy
Rouge - Daisy
Cheese - Pluto


So...who's Mickey?
By Gurahk 6 years ago
I hope you continue. This looks great! But you don't have to use just Sonic X clips.
By Gurahk 6 years ago
oh and one more thing my 2 vid's are called sonic x tribute and galaxena x dark! anyway I so love the vidio it's unbeliveable!
By Galaxena_Chan1 7 years ago
I love this it's to good I sure wish I could do that! oh and I know this is a bit weird but..can you be my friend and watch some of my vid's or you can just typ in my name galaxena_chan1
By Galaxena_Chan1 7 years ago
do you think you can find a character for cream to be
By shadow the hedgehog 7 years ago