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    Gravitation - Get Another Boyfriend


    by wolfdragon731

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    I thank you all so much! I'm glad ya'll liked/loved it and I will see about put some more on here, k! ^_^
    By wolfdragon7319 years ago
    it's verry good with a music. I don't speak verry verry good and well english but I go speak there ^^.
    By ...9 years ago
    Aurore alias Mimolette
    I don't speack english very well but I can say : this is a very beautiful and there is a very good job !
    Aurore alias Mimolette
    superbe vidéo !!! +5
    OMG! I Totally LOVE This!! ^_^ The Music = Sooo....FUN ;P!!! It's making me smile Sooo Much XD, I doubt I'm EVER getting this goofy grin off my face now^_~!!!!
    So Thanx 4 Posting this! ^_^ & -Do all the fangirlz out there a Huge favor!! & XD- PLZZZ Make MORE;D!!!
    By Amelia9 years ago
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