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    Mayor of Venice resigns after being arrested in corruption investigation

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    The mayor of Venice has announced his resignation a week after being arrested in a corruption probe.

    Giorgio Orsoni was one of 30 people accused of financing election campaigns with bribes of 25 million euros from the group building the city’s flood barriers.

    The former university professor said he had been forced to step down after receiving little backing from the Democratic party.

    “I decided to give my resignation as Venice’s mayor. But it is with great sadness, I am convinced I have always operated in the interests of Venice and its citizens,” he said.

    Orsoni was released from house arrest after agreeing to a four-month sentence and a 15,000 euro fine in a plea bargain. He is not expected to serve any time in jail.

    The flood barriers, known as the Moses project, are designed to save the city from rising sea levels. They have been 10 years in the making and are due to be finished in 2016. So far they have cost 5 billion euros.