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Perso, j'préfère Daily. Mais n'empêche c'est du bon boulot !

Toute la musique est composé par Makemebad35

Voici les paroles :

The greatest site in the world is youtube, if you haven't heard it, you best check the news. Cause its the best, it kills the rest, it even makes people obsess. Now I know whatcha thinkin, and I know whatcha sayin, a white man rappin, whats he thinkin?! Well I'm praising youtube, and what better way then make this video for all of you

So Check it & Show yo love, to the numba 1 site from the heavens above. Cause its a gift from the masters chad and steve. Gotta give them praise for the glories they conceived

(1)Youtube! It's the one and only, everything else is completely bologna! So just sit back and listen to this chorus, Youtube! it shows no remorse!

Everyone Should Be
Chillin At Youtube


The name is youtube, you best get it right. If you don't reconize then foget yo life cuz theres no room for dissin the site, so you better check yoself cause you know I'm right

It's a craze, not a faze, cause people are amazed. that it will last forever until the worlds ablazed. Till we reach to the point when were cold and old, as the masters grandchildren take control

Youtube! its the name of the game. Everything else is put to shame! Neva deny and take it in vein, cause its neva lame to have internet fame.


What better way to express yoself, than audio & visual videos. With a few clicks down your ready to go, To upload and show your videos.

Everyone comes together from all around the globe. To connect & talk, import & upload. To make videos and share with everyone to see. It's the best place to be when you wanna be free

So grab a few drinks and just chill out. Vlogs, Videos, you know all about. And always reflect and neva neglect. The greatest site that deserves respect.


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thats sad, hahahaha, how very sad!
Par eljiah il y a 7 ans