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    5 Products Bound To Change Our Home Life

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Here are 5 exciting upcoming technologies that will change how we live.

    Smart home technology – or the means to control your homes’ electronic devices via a smartphone or tablet – has increasingly been making its way into the global mainstream. Besides Apple’s recent presentation of its HomeKit product, which automatically adjusts everything from your lights and locks to air conditioning and dishwasher, here are 5 popular technologies of which some are already on the market:

    Number 5 – Iris Home Management System. Created by Lowe’s, it’s similar to the HomeKit, but includes the ability to control your water supply and will shut off your water automatically when a leak’s recognized.

    Number 4 – Nest Labs Smart Thermostat. You can control it via your phone, but you don’t have to. This thermostat automatically sets and adjusts temperatures.

    Number 3 – Kolibree Electronic Toothbrush. Know how long you’re brushing each tooth with this digital toothbrush that uses an app to send you stats on your performance.

    Number 2 – Sono Sound Neutralizing Device. Through soundwaves, this prototype attaches to your window and selectively eliminates any sound outside your house. You can mute the neighbor’s dog barking while still listening to your favorite bird songs.

    Number 1 – High-Tech Decorative Wallpaper. France’s Grenoble Institute of Technology created a Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper that filters electromagnetic waves to safeguard your health while protecting your digital data and equipment.