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A Sm,sn,charmed and oth music video series.
Summary: Brooke Davis fights to find the truth about her family. Peyton Sawyer has dreams of a blonde hair girl fighting demons and then she wakes up with the dream girl’s cuts. Brother’s Sam and Dean Winchester hunt the unexplainable and also.the explainable well if you count Dean charming Peyton. Haley James is just a normal girl till she meets a dark hair guy. Clark Kent will find someone who has some abilities like him. Chris Halliwell has powers and wants to help Peyton with her dreams and get to know Peyton’s best friend Brooke. They hunt the supernatural but the supernatural will hunt them.

credits: True love, Izzy from Lara and me

Disclaimer: The Warner Brothers own these shows that air on the CW. I'm only having fun.