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    Army moving to retake Mosul from ISIL militants


    by PressTV

    Reports from Iraq say army forces are heading north to the Nineveh province to purge the city of Mosul from ISIL militants.
    Much of Iraq’s second largest city fell to Takfiri insurgents from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant earlier this week. The army has also launched a major offensive against the militants in Salahuddin province. On Thursday, ISIL militants attacked an army checkpoint in the town of Tarmiyeh, some 50 kilometers north of the capital Baghdad, killing five soldiers and wounding several more. Meanwhile, Iraq's Oil Minister Abdul Kareem Luaibi says the country's largest refinery, Baiji is under government control and operating normally. He said Baiji's refinery and a nearby power station are totally secured by Iraqi Special Forces sent to protect the oil facility.
    Hundreds of Iraqi volunteers have lined up outside of an army recruitment center to go and fight the ISIL militants.
    This comes after the Takfiri militant group pledged to march on the Iraqi capital Baghdad. They've so far captured mostly Sunni-dominated areas in the north. Now they’re threatening to attack the holy Shia cities of Najaf and Karbala. In reaction to ISIL threats, Iraqi men rushed to a recruitment center in Baghdad, showing their readiness to join the armed troops combating the militants.