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    WILD BALBINA - Winter Trees

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    Elefant Records: An indie pop record label to make you dance, dream, feel, love, laugh, and cry*

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    Pensado y grabado por Wild Balbina. Editado por Antía F. [2014]

    Agradecimientos: Vir Expósito, Ana Inés, Ivan Juniper, Carlos M. Peñalver, Rubén Romero, Benjamin S. Watson, Marcos Vázquez, The Cobras, Lorena González y Koen de Vicente. [2014]

    Song taken from ER-1186 WILD BALBINA "Sisters Before Misters" Mini-LP 10" [Numbered Limited Edition of 500 copies] / Digital Mini Album | On sale clicking:

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    Days in the grass, they won't come back
    They felt alone through the lightning cracks
    Breathing the time, tasting the dusks
    I keep remember the sound of your bright smile

    And now your dreams desire it
    High, high
    We were high

    Days under leaves, just tickling your feet
    Who was the one who twigged we caught the sunbeams?
    Lying on the ground and standing in your mouth
    I'll never come back to sleep caressed by your breeze

    And now your dreams desire it
    High, high
    We were high
    We were high