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    Slow Motion Watermelon Carving EXPLOSION!!!


    by Tasted

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    Phantom cameras capture a watermelon shark sculpture as it explodes into smithereens... and it's awesome! Subscribe for more awesome explosions:

    No food wasn't harmed in the filming of this show; however, waste of food for human consumption is a real concern. In acknowledgement, we are donating the amount equivalent to the food blown up in Taste Explosions to Share Our Strength, which works to end childhood hunger.

    Join us each Thursday for a celebration of culinary brilliance. We're going to take you on a visceral ride of incredibly gorgeous food and an equally artful climax. Watch unparalleled artistry, celebrating elaborate food styling and the making of some of your favorite meals and then... BOOM! We're blowing the whole thing up — we bet you didn't see that coming!

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