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    35 Mac 'n Cheese Corn Dogs Death Match - STUFFED Ep. 12


    by Tasted

    It's come down two competitive eaters, Miki Sudo and Jimmy Lin! Hosts Gravy Brown and DeepDish Bertoletti have devised a special Glutton Force 5 gut-buster challenge. Subscribe:

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    Your favorite competitive eating show, STUFFED, is drawing to a close... but how close is the finish? On one hand, we have Mikachew, whose quiet confidence and steady performance has won her plenty of fans, but will she choke in this moment of truth? Then there's Jimmichanga, the dark horse, whose sheer determination and willpower has helped him overcome his ulcer, but is it going to come back to bite him? See what we did there? This food challenge is a Glutton Force 5 specialty. Created by Pat Gravy Bertoletti, it's a corn dog recipe that's been kicked up a few notches. It starts with a hot dog wrapped in spicy habanero mac 'n cheese, dipped in pancake batter and deep-fried, and for that added kick, the corn dog is topped with a spicy Sriracha ranch dressing. Yum!

    Who are you rooting for? #Mikachew or #Jimmychanga? Will Jimmy pull out all the stops for the win? Will Miki destroy the Jimmychanga as fast as all the other food she takes on? Tune in and find out!

    Veteran competitive eaters for Major League Eating, Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti and Tim "Gravy" Brown have won countless food eating contests between them, but this time around, they are sharing their years of experience with four up-and-coming eaters who compete for a chance to break a record at a live event AND win $5000! Join Glutton Force 5, the competitive eating dynamic duo & their party crew, as they take 4 amateur eaters on a wild ride every Tuesday on Tasted!

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