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Wida Tausif - Shab-e-Baraat (The Night of Forgiveness and Freedom)

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Shabe barat,
a blessing night,
sweets prepared,
... skies lighten up,
colorful fireworks dazzling the skies,
streets illuminated by candles,
and strands of electric bulbs,
bright as day.
An experience of content,
harmony and delight,
a joyful ambiance.

The occasion,
to pay a visit to mosque,
pray to Allah(God)
to bless us all,
and rid us of sufferings.

May this peace and joy
fill the hearts of all you know;
filling empty places wherever they may go.
May the peace of shabe barat
shine around you.

Nation comes alive to enjoy the spirit,
new charms replace the old ones to protect us.
A time to reshape souls.
For God loves all,
turns his back on none,
good or twisted, ignorant or intelligent.
Shab E Barat is a night of forgiveness.

Wida Tausif

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Wida Tausif - Shab-e-Baraat (The Night of Forgiveness and Freedom)
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