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    Legal Rights - Legal Q&A


    by Cib24tv

    In this brief legal question and answer based instalment of Legal Rights, Elham Moaveni of Moaveni Law educates inquiring minds about the particulars of the legal process. Additionally, she shares with us a couple of her more unique experiences as a practitioner.

    About Moaveni Law Firm
    Elham graduated from the University of Toronto in year 1997 with an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree and after graduation commenced employment as a Toxicological Researcher in the National Water Institute of Canada in Burlington.

    During her work, Elham commenced research in the field of Toxicology, but in the same year was accepted to the University of Windsor for law School. Elham graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Windsor in year 2001 and was called to the bar of Ontario in year 2002. Elham has had wide experience in various professions, including acting as an Immigration and Customs Officer in the Pearson International Airport from 1995-2002.

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