P. Diddy ft. Usher & Loon-I Need A Girl HQ


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High quality

5 commentaires

soft song, it gets into my heat as blood
thank you fo sharing this love gift
Par Omar IMAL il y a 5 ans
£ll£ d£chiir£ c£tt£ zikk x'D m£m£ si £ll£ £st vi£ill£
Par you-my-you il y a 5 ans
nice body usher and stlye u to p diddy i love both ur sunglasses what do i have 2 do to be in a video like this my yahoo is savannahthrelkeld@yahoo.com if u guys wantto email me or just talk
Par joseph salazar il y a 6 ans
i lvoe how u guyz did this video
Par joseph salazar il y a 6 ans
i fucking love this song its my fav way to go p diddy and usher i love the melody to this song its easy to dance to with a guy or when ur by urself aswome job p diddy and usher
Par joseph salazar il y a 6 ans