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    Jacqueline Fernandez Dub Her Wwn Voice For Kick !

    Moviez Adda

    by Moviez Adda

    Owing to her foreign accent and Sri Lankan origin, Jacqueline Fernandez has never really got a chance to converse her Hindi lines in Bollywood! But well, when Salman is here, why fear? Remember how he had got Katrina on track with her Hindi can you forget that....So yes, similarly, seems like now it's Jacky's turn to swirl her Hindi wand alongside Salman Khan! Yes, yes, yes! As per reports, for the first time, Jacqueline will not dub her voice for Salman Khan's Kick, instead, will voice it out herself! Now isn't that awesomeee? Sources reveal that it was Salman's idea to bring out Jacqueline's real voice on screen and moreover, Jacqueline plays a European girl in the film...So without much of any difficulty, she could easily match up to the accent in the film.... Whoa...So watching out for Jacky's voice debut in Kick, sound off your comments and stay tuned to Bollywood Uncut