Ronax 500 2-Stroke Superbike Unveiled !

Indian Drives

by Indian Drives

Bringing back those good old two-stroke days once again for the biking afficandos, the German bike making firm Ronax GmBH rolled out a street legal 2-stroke superbike called the "Ronax 500". Priced at Rs 81 lakh excluding taxes, the 500cc, V4 2-stroke superbike pumps out 162PS of peak power after mated to a six-speed gearbox.
On the visual treat it is embellished with twin headlamps neatly tucked away in the air duct and rear-view mirrors with integrated LED turn indicators. The other parts too are built of top quality with some of them made out carbon fiber. An all-digital instrument cluster akin to modern superbikes completes the whole package.
Hence, those who are really interested shall rush to Germany, because only 46 units are said to be made, which is bounded by a waiting period of six months. But yes, the bookings can be made with a minimum of Rs 24 lakh. So don't miss out on that!!!