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    An international expert team to investigate the killing of two Palestinians


    by PressTV


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    Yesh Prabhu
    This is the good news I have been waiting for since the two Palestinian boys were shot and killed by the Israeli soldiers on the Nakba Day protests on May 15, 2014. It is good that an international committee of experts will investigate these dastardly killings in cold blood and that the UN will supervise the investigation. Without the involvement of the UN and the international committee of forensic experts, Israel will quietly hush up the affair as they usually do: For example, Israel said it will release the final report on the death of Yasser Jaradat in Israeli prison. There were marks of being tortured, but Israel at first said he died from heart attack. The autopsy found that his heart was healthy and there were no signs of heart attack. Israel then announced that it will release the final report on April 18, 2012. But no such report was released and, instead, Israel hushed up the affair. Israel has not released the report to this day. The UN must make sure that similar fate will not befall the investigation into the deaths of these boys. The Israelis who killed these boys must be punished. Justice must be done. In this Press TV video 1.45 minutes long, six Israeli soldiers with rifles can be seen at 0.33 minutes; two of the soldiers’ rifles appear to not have the “attachment” that enables the firing of rubber-coated bullets. In other words, these two soldiers could still fire live bullets from their rifles. Two other soldiers’ rifles seem to have the attachment. I hope the investigators have noticed this too. Yesh Prabhu, Bushkill, Pennsylvania
    By Yesh Prabhu2 years ago