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    Photographer Captures Stunning Wedding Photos Amidst Wildfire

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    A couple near Bend, Oregon almost had to postpone their wedding due to a wildfire. But now their story is going viral.

    2014 is gearing up to be a bad year for wildfires. One couple’s dream wedding near Bend, Oregon was almost postponed but ended up with a set of stunning pictures instead. The groom, Michael Wolber and his bride April Wolber chose the Rock Springs Ranch, located right outside of Bend, as the spot for the nuptials.

    "They managed to snap a couple of rather dramatic pictures before quickly relocating their party." [ABC]

    Both April and Michael were getting ready for the ceremony when the wildfire broke out. While members of the wedding party knew what was going on, they tried to keep news of the fire as a secret so April wouldn’t panic. The bride soon learned about it approximately 30 minutes before the ceremony.

    Despite the bad news, the couple still wanted to get married. Michael stood at the altar waiting for April, when suddenly fire engine sirens blasted.

    The couples’ parents spoke to firemen and begged them to permit a quick ceremony.

    The Wolbers' photographer captured stunning photos of their union with the wildfire in the background. =