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Andy McKee (1979, in Topeka, Kansas),
is an American acoustic guitarist currently signed to CANdYRAT Records. His unique style of playing and compositional talent has earned him a large fanbase; in late 2006, a live performance of his flagship song, "Drifting" became a Featured Video on YouTube, achieving over 3,400,000 views and peaking as the highest rated music clip on the site. In April of '07, another of McKee's songs, "Rylynn", overtook "Drifting" as the #1 rated English video of all time on YouTube, pushing the latter to #2.

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c'est si simple a voir comme sa !
Par Drstrike il y a 4 ans
Je voudrais pas passer apres lui sur une scè
Par Alban Paczkowski il y a 6 ans
Par dams138 il y a 6 ans
ouais ça teps
Par Renaud il y a 6 ans
super... avan de savoir marcher il savai deja jouer de la gratte c sur ^^
Par raito-kun il y a 6 ans
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