Triumph the insult comic dog - bon jovi


by AC310DC

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"Crawl back in the butt from whence you came.." I never imagined anything this hilarious is going to be with this song. if you liked this, you'll also enjoy outtakes from this vid.
By AlexKlaus80 Last year
?j very stunning
By DanceGirlXX 5 years ago
This was wicked funny shit man, why did they regret it? If it sucked, it was one thing, but it was HILARIOUS! BON JOVI RULES and so does TRIUMPH TOO! :-)
By FlyersHockeyPride 6 years ago
actually its said that bon jovi regrets for ever doing this
By EetFuk898 6 years ago
frickin hilarous! and they let Triumph sing - fabulous!
By jovigirl-indiana 6 years ago
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