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    London conf. marks 25th anniv. of passing of Imam Khomeini


    by PressTV

    London has hosted a conference to mark the 25th anniversary of the passing of Imam Khomeini, the late founder of Iran's Islamic Republic.
    Imam Khomeini led Iran's Islamic revolution to victory against the regime of the US-backed Shah in 1979. More than two decades on from his passing, Imam Khomeini's message clearly still reverberates. For the scholars who attended the conference, the impact Ayatollah Khomeini had on the world cannot be over-stated The core message of Iran's Islamic Revolution was in its calling for unity and the Liberation of oppressed Muslims and Non-Muslims around the world. And with Takfiri extremists causing chaos around Africa and the Middle East, and Israel continuing its occupation of Palestinian land, those 2 messages have never been more relevant or needed than today