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    Qatar's World Cup 2022 bid won by bribing FIFA officials like crazy!

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    Back in 2010, several strong contenders were bidding to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, including the USA, Japan, South Korea, and Australia, but Qatar came out of nowhere and scored the rights to host the tournament, surprising absolutely everybody.

    Qatar had no soccer playing culture, no stadiums, and players would have to play in 50 degree heat or air conditioned stadiums. But one thing Qatar has is lots of money! Questions of the involvement of a Qatari member of the FIFA Executive Committee, named Mohamed bin Hammam, began to swirl. However, Qatar has always claimed that the movements of bin Hammam have not been related to Qatar's 2022 bid, and not influenced the outcome in anyway. Nevertheless, bin Hammam was banned from the Executive Committee for life in 2012 for various ethics violations and conflicts of interest.

    Then, last week the British paper, The Sunday Times, published an expose detailing payments by Mohamed bin Hammam to secure votes for Qatar's World Cup bid from dozens of African and Caribbean football associations. And now it seems even UEFA's Michel Platini of France could have been involved. Every type of influence peddling imaginable has been uncovered, spanning the gamut from securing jobs for family members and sweetheart contracts, to straight up cash gifts and all-expense-paid vacations for voters.

    Evidence has also surfaced that Russia bought the 2018 World Cup for cash, surprising exactly nobody, especially not after their $50 billion dollar Winter Olympics in Sochi. Those games, with incomplete infrastructure and laughable facilities, somehow cost 10 times more than the next most expensive Winter Olympics in history.

    The revelations of corruption have given rise to calls for a fresh vote on the 2018 and 2022 World Cup hosts. That means Australia, England, and the US' chances of snatching the 2022 games back from Qatar are suddenly worth betting on, literally. The UK's largest betting house puts the odds on the US hosting the games. But if that happens, it means there would only be eight years left to get Americans interested in soccer. Now THAT is an audacious bid.


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