Russia introduces resolution on Ukraine


by PressTV

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The violence from the US-backed government in Kiev, against Pro-Russia protesters, has escalated in the last week. The Ukrainian army admits that it fired over 150 missiles on Monday. People in Luhansk say the missiles deliberately targeted civilians, and the death toll is rising. Russia’s U-N Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, who is President of the United Nations Security Council for the month June, has introduced a resolution to the Security Council calling for the UN to take action against what he calls a humanitarian outrage.
The resolution introduced by the Russian Federation calls for a cease-fire, and the creation of humanitarian corridors, so civilians can flee the troubled areas. Churkin said he was disappointed in the way certain member-states reacted to the proposed resolution. Sara Flounders of the International Action Center says she agrees with Russia's concerns about the escalating violence in Eastern Ukraine. As the United Nations Security Council debates the resolution, Obama has announced that the US will increase its military presence in Eastern Europe.