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    An Orthodox-Catholic civilization is coming


    by karimberdi

    Igor Panarin talks about how the Judeo-Protestant civilization is rooted in the past, and how the age of its power is ending. It's going to be replaced by the Orthodox-Catholic civilization, that can unite the methods and ideology of the Jesuits and the Orthodox culture. Clearly, the role of Russia will increase dramatically. But with whom and how can we build this new era?

    Igor Panarin (Игорь Панарин) is a Russian professor, academician, political scientist, writer, intelligence analyst, strategic forecaster, ideologist, and information warfare expert. He is most notable for his hypothesis of possible disintegration of the USA into six parts in 2010, conceived by him as long ago as 1998 but which only gained world attention 10 years later.

    Panarin has written 15 books and a number of articles on information warfare, psychology, and geopolitics. He is often interviewed by Russian and foreign (Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CNN, BBC, Sky News) media on issues of Russian policy, development of relationships with the USA, etc. Panarin also has his own weekly radio programme and is active on Twitter.