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    Scientists find secret to how Koala bears cool themselves


    by PressTV

    For quite some time, scientists have wondered how Australia's cuddly Koala bear cools off in hot weather. Zoologists now say they have discovered the mammal's secret.
    The Koala rarely drinks water and does not have any sweat glands. Experts say the Koala's trademark of hugging trees keeps the animal cool as tree trunks can be several degrees cooler than the surroundings. A team of zoologists observed thirty-seven Koalas in the wild during winter and summer seasons in southeastern Australia in 2009 to 2011. On hotter days, the animals were found to be more often positioned with all their limbs outstretched, hugging the tree trunk or lower branches. Even though it is not an endangered species, experts say the Koala is on the decline due to the spreading of human settlement.