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koilinen is a personal student project that was achieved as a diploma work, in the Graphic Design department of the ECAL.

koilinen was at first the title of a song from finlandian duet Mika Väinio and Ilpo Väisänen, also known as Pan sonic.

This short movie is the result of the merge of personal visual interests/research and a highly inspirating musical research. It is also a project about "music videos" and contemporary creation, the way they are produced, how they are formated, broadcasted, manipulated and understood. Just as Pan sonic's way of creating, tweaking and sampling sounds, this video is both a stylistic/scenaristic research as well as theoric approach of that medium.

The project was done by a "one man / one month / 12 computers" team.

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Oppressing but i like !
Par sabotage il y a 7 ans

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