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    Stephanie Mcmahon is the ECW Owner

    Kaz Da Gr8 1

    by Kaz Da Gr8 1

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    Deborah Sibna
    I miss the ECW and WCW as I would like to return
    By Deborah Sibna4 years ago
    its wierd cuz ecw (paul heyman) hated wcw, i mean hated wcw. he despised them. watch the rise and fall of ecw dvd, you'll know what im talking about!
    By Matt7 years ago
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    By Kristinestad1638 years ago
    This exact moment had to be officially the biggest missed opportunity in wrestling history. Shane the Owner of WCW and Steph ECW!?!? You've got the potential biggest storyline of all time, and its shot to shit by the Mcmahon kids. Bischoff or Flair leading WCW, Heyman and Dreamer leading ECW and keep WCW and ECW seperate ie. no Alliance Bullshit, and you had the potential for the best storylines ever created!!!!!
    By biftermeister30008 years ago
    no that was Sean O'Haire
    By biftermeister30008 years ago
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