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    Massive Sandstorm Sweeps Through Tehran

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    by Geo Beats

    On a recent Monday, an absolutely massive sandstorm broke out in Iran’s capital city of Tehran. Record winds caused the air to fill with thick clouds of sand.

    On Monday, a massive sandstorm descended over Iran’s capital city of Tehran. Record winds filled the air with thick clouds of sand.

    At the peak of the storm, the winds were roughly 70 miles per hour. Trees were knocked over, windows were broken and the power supply was wiped out, affecting tens of thousands of local residents.

    The severe winds brought down telecommunications towers and many buildings were left badly damaged. Locals who had been outside at the first signs of the storm were forced to rush for cover.

    At least four people were killed as a result of the weather and approximately 30 were injured. Some of those hurt were involved in vehicular accidents when the clouds of sand engulfed the area reportedly causing black-out conditions.

    Two of the injured people were reportedly left in critical condition. About 7,000 emergency workers rushed to the city to help everyone affected by the storm.

    Heavy rains immediately followed the clouds of dust and local forecasts warned the precipitation and winds could continue to plague the area for an additional two days.