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    The Missing Ingredient film teaser 2


    by sanifolek

    "If music be the food of love...", play on?

    Pak Harun (Dato’ Rahim Razali), a wheelchair-bound elderly man, lives alone blocked by bitterness caused by the tragic loss of his beloved wife. No one knows that under that veneer of a brash old man, Pak Harun not only sorely misses his late wife, who used to cook the best sambal goreng, but also yearns for his son, Rosli (Rafaat Hj Hamzah), a high-flying lawyer who lives in Sydney, Australia, with his partner, Dave.

    Murni (Aidli ‘Alin’ Mosbit), his live-in caretaker, has to bear the brunt of Pak Harun’s pain which is mostly expressed in the form of terse ranting about her comparatively tasteless sambal goreng. Murni’s love to sing in the kitchen irritates Pak Harun further, and he subsequently mocks Murni about her desa (village) upbringing in Aceh, Indonesia.

    What missing ingredient will unite Pak Harun, Murni and Rosli, people from different places, cultures and phases of life – healing these broken hearts …bringing them together to sing the same tune?

    Seeks funding to film. Contact

    (Music; Whistling in Tongues by Felix Laband)