Une artiste expose son sexe sous «L'origine du monde»

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Jeudi 29 mai, une artiste luxembourgeoise a décidé de dévoiler son anatomie au musée d’Orsay, à Paris.

Sous les yeux de dizaines de visiteurs, la jeune femme est venue s’installer devant le célèbre tableau de Gustave Courbet, « L’Origine du monde », pour y dévoiler son sexe. Furieux, les agents de sécurités ont très rapidement fait évacuer la salle avant d’appeler la police. L’artiste a été conduite au commissariat.

Postée sur Youtube, la « performance » artistique a été supprimée dans la soirée.



How wonderful, excellent production indeed. 1 – As you requested, fearing having been hacked, I so regretfully, removed your address, & I’m ready to remove the other’s address of who may be concerned by “art-hacking”. 2 - Regretfully, for the following reason / question: is the "origin of the world"(°), an "art-technique hackable" material? Indeed, would, these "kind of thing"(°°), be non-re-questionable? 3 - Indeed, would God, creating the world, "Let there be light": being a hacker? 4 - Finally I hope that those productions (°/°°), and their transmission were not source of too much scandal (because "Woe to him by who scandal comes", should therefore be here "exceed the prescribed dose", but, in art ?). 5 - In the future, don't you think, however, that the "origin of the world", whatever we do there will still be source of many challenging productions (works / reviews / re-mastering / performance... Hey did not there was song, except error, I promise not to make one, even if as we say, in France, “tout fini par des chansons...”)
By emmanuel rene June
By Kentaro Omori June
I thought that art was an original expression using an special skill, a gift. What this girl did can be done by almost any woman in the world, requires not special skill and is not original.
By Jose Rodriguez June
Oh No, a vagina!
She needs to shave that hideous jungle between her legs.
By devrock666 June
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