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    WORST films of Bollywood's BEST Actresses

    Cine Curry

    by Cine Curry

    Not all actors go on to become stars. Nor can all stars act. Save for those fortunate few who are a formidable combination of both. They are the 'artists' whom filmmakers approach beyond commercial consideration for roles demanding heft, deliberation, skill and commitment. Yet even the most discerning actors of Bollywood can err and take on a debacle that will embarrass on mere mention and occupy a sore spot on an otherwise glorious repertoire. It would be rather fascinating, we thought, to investigate the poor selections of such amazing talents still active in their careers. We begin by looking at the worst films of ten of our best actresses. And if you, dear viewers, have a different bad film of theirs in mind, don't hesitate to hit the comments section.

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